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Metropol.X: Cairo

Documentation BA + MA Seminar WS 2017/18

In 2019, the city of Cairo will be 1050 years old. Since its establishment in 969, as the ruling Capital of Egypt, Cairo has been growing and expanding over the years. It is a large metropolis that has been shaped, through the course of history, by a succession of civilizations.

Neu erschienen: Mass Housing in the Socialist Cities

Mass housing in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine represents an enormous volume of housing today and therefore a huge resource for the future development of cities. But transformation of these prefabricated districts from the 1960s and 1970s is needed due to the functional, ...


Metropol.X: New Towns

Dokumentation BA5 Seminar WS 2014/2015

Als mitteleuropäischer Stadtplaner sieht man sich eher selten Phänomenen wie den hier so treffend analysierten „New Towns“ ausgesetzt. Um so interessanter ist die Annäherung an dieses Kuriosum, stellt es doch eine Realität dar, die faszinierender kaum sein könnte: die Raum gewordenen Gesellschaftsutopie.

Metropol.X: St. Petersburg

Documentation BA + MA Seminar WS 2015/2016

Since its foundation few over 300 years ago, Saint Petersburg has had a tremendous influence on the political, economic
and cultural development of Russia. Until today, not only Russians have an idiosyncratic relationship to the city created by force as the so-called “window to the West”. 

Metropol.x: Tehran

Documentation BA + MA Seminar WS 2016/17

ehran, the capital and the most populous city of Iran—and the country’s political and economic center—lies at the foot of the Elburz mountain range. As Iran’s most secular and liberal city, it experiences never-ending growth, which gives rise to distinct phenomena. This booklet presents the outcomes of a seminar at KIT.