The Contemporary City

Theme: Urbanisms and Sustainabilities
Architecture and the city in the age of urbanisation and climate change. Relating urban form, resource conservation, and sustainability concepts.

Lectures: I Science, II Urbanisms, III Design

Goal: To understand and anticipate how the diverse forms and patterns of the contemporary city might evolve to mitigate and adapt to climate change risks as the basis for achieving a socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable city. What are the opportunities for design and planning.

Work: Development of a graphic design supported by 3 tutorials; to research and present an aspect of urbanisation and climate change in graphic form; graphic diagrams that are analytical, critical, and envision spatial information.

Presentation: 20 minute presentation based on graphic research; Hand-in finished presentation as a CD.



Prof. Alex Wall
Marcus Kopper
Martin Roth
Kerstin Faber


1. Termin Vorlesung:
16.04.2012 / 09:45 Uhr

Mo: 09:45-11:15
Geb 20.40 / NH

Termine Tutorial:
03. Mai 2012 (online)
29. Mai 2012
26. Juni 2012
30. Juli 2012 (Präsentation)

Vorlesung auf Englisch
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120416_STBA1_01 CleanVL
120423_STBA1_02 WeatherVL
120507_STBA1_03 DensityVL
120514_STBA1_04 NetworksVL
120521_STBA1_05 GreenVL
120604_STBA1_06 CyclesVL
120611_STBA1_07 MarketVL
120618_STBA1_08 ReuseVL
120625_STBA1_09 EnculturateVL


120709_STBA1_11 DirtySustainabilityVL